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Before You Apply

Before You Apply

We’re so excited you’re ready to be part of our directory! Please note the basic criteria outlined below that your company or organization should meet in order to be considered for membership. If these criteria are not met but you feel that your company or organization shares our vision and values, we encourage you to apply (e.g., you may not be locally owned, but your practices make you eligible to be a Community Partner).​

Private Companies

Company should be privately held (not publicly traded).

Locally Owned

Company or organization owner(s) should be local, meaning 50% or more of the ownership should also reside in Canada.

Locally Headquartered

Company or organization should be headquartered within Canada.

Locally Conscious

Company must be socially and environmentally conscious and must be committed to doing things locally—buying, producing, and investing—as much as reasonably possible.

What You'll Need


Contact info, website, primary address, and social media handles or URLs. General knowledge of ownership, purchasing and sustainability practices, memberships or certifications, etc.


1000-pixel wide or larger logo on a white or transparent background; also 2 to 5 photos that best represent your org or business—1500 pixels wide or larger and landscape-oriented. JPG, PNG, and GIF formats only.


Credit card info for one-time administrative fee (for basic membership) or annual dues (for Champion and Sustaining memberships). You’ll be directed to Paypal, Inc. to pay to complete your application.

This application will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. If you encounter any errors or have any questions regarding the application process, please contact us at